Ready for Runes
Published on Apr 19, 2024
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Sponsor: Cartesi โ€” Build app-specific rollups with Web2 tooling without the constraints of Web3!

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The Runes Era

Bitcoin mining giant Hashrate is going after the halving's Epic Sat and may go after many of the first Runes mints, of which now only the first will be hardcoded. Magic Eden is launching a Runes platform. Also, the Quantum Cats just published the whitepaper for CatVM, a solution that can actualize slicker trading UX around Runes, plus a proposal for reenabling OP_CAT, a Bitcoin opcode that CatVM would depend on, was just updated. The Runes era is just beginning, the sparks have begun to fly, and the coming implications are big for Ordinals and beyond. You ready?

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Fresh Mints
  1. โœ๏ธ Infinite Story Machine โ€“ A commemorative drop for my Ethereum Investor Club essay, which you can read in full here; 0.001 ETH per mint, 20% of proceeds go to Ethereum core devs via Protocol Guild.
  2. โœ… Mintโ€“ A vibey drop by Stephan Dybus depicting a cute character smashing a "Mint" button with his face. He's just like us fr. 0.000777 ETH per mint, a little bit under one day remaining!
  3. โญ• GLYPHS โ€“ Created by Chris Martz, this interactive drop highlights Zora's HTML support with an endlessly churning sea of colorful geometric glyphs; 0.005 ETH per mint, edition of 1,000.


Cartesi has a challenge for all talented devs! Try to hack their Honeypot dApp. Compete in a bug-bounty initiative to test, scrutinize, and refine the underlying code of Cartesi Rollups!

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Star Atlas

Have you heard of Star Atlas? It's a multiplayer sci-fi game and one of the most promising rising titles in the Solana gaming scene.

Take note, then, because tomorrow, April 20th, Star Atlas is running a couple of playtests for its new faction vs. faction vs. faction game mode, Surge.

The format looks like a fun arena shooter, and testers will be able to earn rewards ranging from Common Crews to Rare Crews for future battles.

If you're keen to dive in, be sure to head over to the Star Atlas Discord and see if you can snag an access code before the Surge tests begin!

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