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Need help with your Bankless account? Have a question about our content or one of our products?
If you can't find an answer below, reach out to [email protected].

🚨 If you're experiencing issues with your Premium RSS, please try these steps 1st🚨

  1. Make sure your Apple Podcast app is up to date. Delete your Apple Podcast app and redownload it to be sure.
  2. Make sure you're Premium RSS feed cover art looks like this. If it doesn't look like this, it means you're currently following our old Premium RSS feed. See the steps below on how to follow the new Premium RSS feed:

  1. If you think you're missing a Bankless Premium RSS feed episode, you can view all recent/previous Premium RSS feed episodes here:

How to set up your Premium RSS Feed

The Premium Bankless RSS feed is available to all active Bankless Citizens. To set this up, simply head over to your Bankless Account and locate the Ad-free podcast card located on your Bankless Home page (if you're missing this card on your Home page, keep scrolling on this page you're reading right now, to see how to bring it back).

On mobile, you can either open the Ad-free link directly on your podcast app of choice or manually add it to your feed by copying the link to your clipboard. Please note that at this time Spotify doesn't currently allow private RSS feeds (keep scrolling on this page you're reading right now, to see how to manually add our Premium RSS feed to your preferred podcast player).

Missing "Set up ad-free podcast" card?

If you don't see the black "Set up ad-free podcast" card anymore, follow these steps to make it reappear: profile pic > onboarding > ad-free podcast

Apple Podcast

  1. Copy your Bankless Premium RSS feed link on mobile.

  1. Go to "Apple Podcasts" app and select the 3-dots in the top right-hand corner and select "Follow a Show by URL..."

  1. Paste in the Premium RSS feed URL you copied and select "Follow"

Google Podcast

  1. Copy your Bankless Premium RSS feed link on mobile.

  1. Go to the "Google Podcasts" app and go to the "Activity" and "Subscriptions" tabs. From there, click the 3-dots in the top right-hand corner.

  1. Paste in the Premium RSS feed URL you copied and select "Subscribe"


  1. Copy your Bankless Premium RSS feed link on mobile.

  1. Go to the "Overcast" app and select the large + icon in the top right-hand corner

  1. Select, "Add URL" and paste in the URL

  1. Paste in the Premium RSS feed URL you copied and select "Add"

Pocket Casts

  1. Head over to:
  2. Copy your Bankless Premium RSS feed link on mobile.
  3. Select the "Private" option
  4. Select "Submit"

Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

To cancel your Citizenship, log in to your Bankless Account and under "My Membership" select "Manage"

You have a few options here:

  1. Switch between monthly and yearly billing
  2. Manage your payment details and invoices
  3. Pause or cancel my citizenship.

Select, "Pause or cancel my citizenship," and then choose whichever option you'd like. Your Citizenship Benefits will remain in effect for the duration of your billing cycle.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Bankless Citizens! Your Bankless Badge is your on-chain proof of your Bankless Citizenship (This is minted and distributed as a POAP: Proof of Attendance Protocol)

Citizens, you can claim your Bankless Badge directly on the Bankless website. If you are not currently an active citizen you can upgrade to Become a Citizen here and claim immediately.

We issue a new annual Badge each year in January. Each Badge is only available to claim for 12 months. Previous year's Badges are no longer available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Bankless Badge?

It’s a non-fungible token (NFT) distributed by POAP: Proof of Attendance Protocol). You hold this token in your wallet to unlock early access for minting Bankless Collectibles and future opportunities from Bankless. This token proves you are a Bankless Citizen on the Ethereum blockchain!

Does it cost extra?

Nope! This is a free perk, that can be claimed in your wallet at no cost to you.

How do I know if I qualify for the Bankless Badge?

If you’re a Bankless Citizen you qualify.

I still have questions! Reach us at [email protected]

Happy claiming! 🫡

Pay with crypto for your Bankless Citizenship is available through Coinbase Commerce this feature is only available for yearly memberships. Once you complete your payment please contact [email protected] to ensure your Citizenship has been granted. You can confirm your membership status in your Bankless account here

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

No, if you cancel your Bankless Citizenship (paid membership) you will no longer have access to the Bankless Nation private Discord server.

Renewing your Bankless Citizenship at any point in the future will grant you access to the private Discord once more.

Perks include Discord token rating calls with our alpha lords, early access to certain Bankless ventures and updates, channels where you can ask David questions, learn about getting a job in crypto or building a Web3 business, all amongst a collective of like-minded, crypto-pilled folks going west.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Many of you started your Bankless Journey via our Substack newsletter and so did we! However, Substack, while a fantastic platform, didn't allow for Bankless to be fully Web3 native... So we built our own platform as a foundation for the future of the Bankless Nation. We are currently using Ghost to send our daily newsletters, which sends from [email protected]

So, you might be wondering, what changes on my end? Do I need to do anything to my account or anything? We're so pleased to say the answer is:

NO! Nothing changes on your end. We hope you enjoy your new Bankless Experience! You can manage your account, profile and membership all form your Bankless account here.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions at [email protected]

To log in to your account, first head over to, insert your email, and select "Next".

After, we'll send you a "magic link" to the email address you inputted. Click the link in your inbox and you'll instantly be logged in to your Bankless Account. If you don't receive an email within 5 minutes, double check that the email didn't land in your spam/promotional folders.

If you know your password, you can also insert your password instead of logging in via a magic link email. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by selecting "Reset password" at the bottom of the screen.

Please feel free to reach out if you're still running into issues at [email protected]

To join the Bankless Nation Discord, you must be an active Bankless Citizen (paying member). If you already are, once you're logged into your account, you should see:

Accept your personal Discord invite and once you're in, check out these channels:






Or whichever channels you'd like!

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Are you unable to connect your wallet or are stuck on the below pop-up?

First we recommend trying alternative methods to claim:

  • Open the claim link natively in your mobile wallet's browser
  • Try using a different browser
  • Try connecting a different wallet

If you're still having trouble:

Please reach out to [email protected] with the headline "Can't connect wallet" and provide the following details:

  • The name of the wallet you're attempting to connect with (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, etc.)
  • Is your wallet connected to a hardware wallet such as Ledger?
  • Are you attempting to connect your wallet via desktop or mobile?
  • What browser are you using (Safari, Chrome, Brave, etc.)

Once received, our support personnel will work with you to remedy the issue.

To change the email address associated with your account, head on over to your account page by clicking your profile picture in the bottom left of your screen or by opening the menu on Mobile:

Next, select "Account" and you'll be taken to your Account page.

Finally, under the "YOUR INFO" section, you can add a new email address and delete your old one:

Once you add your new email address, you'll then be able to delete your old one by selecting the "X" to the right of your email address:

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Every time we publish content, we try our best to disclosure the required information as best as we can. We’re required to disclose these things but we desire to empower and not mislead the community. We believe that in order to speak on crypto you have to have skin in the game. We strive for this and are always looking to improve. Please tell us how we can improve empowering our members and audience by emailing [email protected]

Here are all the benefits you receive for becoming a Bankless Citizen:

1 – Bankless’s Ultimate Guide to Airdrops (25+ Opportunities) Spending 10 mins on each of these opportunities to learn and use them could land you a potential payday in the future. Obviously, we don’t promise anything or offer financial/investment advice. But scroll to the bottom to see the ones we’ve correctly called. 

2 – Bankless’s Token Ratings We publish token ratings on the first Friday of the month. Bankless Token Ratings are an ~ENTERTAINMENT ONLY~ analysis on whether you should buy, hold, or sell certain tokens based on our valuation models. Not financial advice.

3 – Bankless’s Exclusive Newsletter Sections ↳UNLOCKED (new Market Monday emails every Monday)Every Monday, you’ll now have access to sections of our newsletter that are locked for free subscribers. These sections include: Market Opportunities, Yield Opportunities, Trending Project of the Week, and Governance Alpha. 

4 – 30% Discount for Permissionless 2023 We’ve teaming up yet again with our friends at Blockworks to put together the biggest DeFi event of the year. Permissionless is heading to Austin, Texas on September 11-13, 2023. Tickets start at $199, but will increase in price the longer you wait! Every two weeks, 250 tickets unlock. Once 250 tickets are purchased, registration closes and you’ll have to wait until the next release.

5 – Claim your Bankless Badge. As a citizen of the Bankless Nation you can claim your Bankless badge here for 12 months This Bankless POAP (Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol) is your personal non-transferable badge that is your on-chain marker of your Citizenship in the Bankless Nation.

6 – Private Bankless Nation Discord. Connect, collaborate, and create with other citizens of the Bankless Nation.

7 – Access to the Exclusive Bankless Ad-Free Podcast Feed. Unlock ad-free Bankless episodes, early access to all future Monday Podcast episodes, and behind-the-scenes debriefs where Ryan and David share their private opinions on every Monday Podcast episode. 

Become a citizen today:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions at [email protected]

On Jan 25, 2024, Earnifi fully fused with Bankless and was renamed Claimables.

All Earnifi accounts and benefits (plus more) are now available at The website will remain active until Thurs, Feb 22, 2024 (4 weeks), after which will reroute to

This has 4 benefits for Earnifi Users:

  • A brand new interface for discovering your Claimables (Airdrops, Mints, POAPs, ENS expiry reminders + more)
  • Reduced price for life (10%-82%), Your subscription price gets reduced, effective on your next billing cycle
  • More benefits (Increased wallet limits, access to our Airdrop Hunter with 60+ vetted airdrops to hunt, customizable alerts for your wallet list, the #1 crypto newsletter + more)
  • More chains for your watchlists (unlike Earnifi, you can now track Solana airdrops and claimables)


What happened? All Earnifi accounts were converted to Bankless accounts.

No action is needed from you. All Earnifi account information (except payment details) has been securely migrated to an account on Sensitive payment details remain securely untouched in Stripe. As the new owners, we at Bankless are committed to delivering you value above and beyond what you received through Earnifi. You have full access and control over your account here. You can securely log in with your Earnifi credentials.

Will I still be able to access Earnifi? will be accessible through Thurs, February 22, 2024. After that date the website will reroute to

Did the wallet limit increase?

Yes, you can add unlimited signed wallets. All your wallets can be managed on your account on

For security we have caps in place for watchlisted wallets as follows.

  • Free members:
    • Connected, signed wallet limit: Unlimited
    • Searched, saved wallets (watchlist): 10/month, 50 lifetime total cap
    • Deleting wallets: Unlimited
  • Paying members (Citizens):
    • Connected, signed wallet limit: Unlimited
    • Searched, saved wallets (watchlist): 20/month, 50 lifetime total cap
    • Deleting wallets: Unlimited

Were all of my wallets transferred to Bankless?

Yes, all of your wallets you’ve added in the past will appear in your Bankless account in the same way they did on Earnifi. You can view and manage them now on

Will I still get email alerts for any matches

Yes! If you had alerts enabled in earnifi you will received the same alerts now from Bankless.

Can I log in with my Earnifi login?

Yes, you can securely log in with your Earnifi credentials or request a new password here.

What if I pay for both Bankless and Earnifi?

If you have active subscriptions on both platforms, your Earnifi subscription will not be renewed on your following billing date and your lower rate Bankless plan will be kept as the primary billing account.

What cost savings do I get as a paying Premium Earnifi member?

I paid for Earnifi Premium with debit/credit card

Billing CycleEarnifi PlanReductionBankless PlanSavings
Earnifi Ultra (>10 addresses)over $250/yr$210/yr58-83%

I paid for Earnifi Premium with crypto

Billing CycleEarnifiReductionBankless PlanSavings
6 months deprecated$300/yr$210/yr30%
1 year$250/yr$210/yr16%

*early Earnifi users with legacy pricing will be honored with a further reduced Bankless rate

As a former free Earnifi member, what benefits do I get on Bankless?

  • Access to the free version of Claimables (formerly Earnifi): check your wallets and see what new onchain items (airdrops, POAPs, rewards, etc.) you have available on Claimables today.
  • Limited Access to our Airdrop Hunter: we have a few vetted airdrops for you to hunt right now for free. You can also upgrade to a Bankless Citizen and unlock get instant access to the 60+ other airdrops and more added each week.
  • Unlimited wallets. Sign into Claimables and add all your wallets, and set email alerts.
  • Limited Access to Bankless Media: Go deeper on your journey with all free articles, podcasts, guides, and historical content in one homebase:

As a former paying Premium Earnifi member, what benefits do I get on Bankless?

  • A Discount! Effective on your next billing cycle, your monthly costs will come down anywhere from 10%-82%.
  • Unlimited wallets. Sign into Claimables and add all your wallets, and set email alerts.
  • Full Access to Claimables (formerly Earnifi): Claimables is the same product as Earnifi except even better! See for yourself today.
  • Full Access to Airdrop Hunter: we have 60+ Bankless vetted airdrops for you to hunt right now.
  • Exclusive Content & Early Access: Bankless Premium subscribers (aka Citizens) get access to all of our Citizen-only articles and podcast debriefs. You also get early access to Bankless podcasts.
  • Private Bankless Discord: Come and hang with Ryan and David in the Bankless discord, get early Alpha signals, and meet the best community in crypto: the Bankless Nation.
  • Full Access to all Bankless Media: Refine your journey with full access to all Bankless articles, podcasts, guides, and historical content in one homebase:

Am I losing any features from Earnifi?

  • Some users were able to claim certain airdrops directly on Earnifi, this feature is currently being rebuilt into Claimables and will be announced upon completion.
  • Onchain notifications for Claimables via PUSH and XMTP are temporarily paused at the moment.

What happened to the Earnifi Twitter account?

Earnifi’s X (Twitter) account is now BanklessApp and will be used for sharing news and updates about the Bankless app experiences.

I still have questions, where can I go?

You can email our support team [email protected]

If something is wrong with your Bankless Merch order, please feel free to email us below with the following details:

  • Description of your problem
  • Order number
  • Item(s)
  • Date purchased

[email protected]

To change how many emails you receive each day or week, log in to your Bankless Account here and update your Email Notifications to fit your exact content preferences.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions at [email protected]

Bankless Collectibles are limited edition copies of our most popular podcast episodes, available to collect for anyone with an Ethereum wallet. 

We started with the Genesis Collection, a limited release of 5 episodes of some of our favorite podcasts that we’ve recorded. 

It was meant to serve as an experiment on web3 media. Check out the secondary market of all past Bankless Collectibles.

On January 23, 2023 we introduced Monday Mints. Our Monday podcasts have been a Bankless staple since we started this adventure over 2 years ago. So now we’re going to release every Monday podcast moving forward as a collectible. One per week, each and every week.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions at [email protected]

Still need help? Reach out to [email protected]

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