NFTs: class of 2022

BAYC flips ‘Punks again, Nate Alex launches Chainfaces Arena, Showtime unveils marketplace, & more!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Jan 7, 20222 min read
NFTs: class of 2022

Dear Bankless Nation,

There’s this joke that the year you dive into crypto is your class year.

For example, I’d be from the class of 2017. And with “crypto time” moving as fast as it does, by the end of that year I’d learned so much that I was ready to “graduate” and start flapping my wings in the space. Now here I am years later, writing this newsletter to you in 2022!

When I look back, getting my footing in 2017 was pivotal to my journey. So as we enter this new year, I say let’s try to be as helpful as possible to all the new people coming to crypto and NFTs that will be making up the class of ‘22.

Many of these folks will go on to do incredible things; let’s do what we can to get ‘em there!


🛒 NFT News & Platforms

🏆 Digital Collectibles

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club floor prices (currently ~68 ETH) flipped CryptoPunks floor prices (currently ~60 ETH) for the 2nd time ever this week. 

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  • CryptoPunk #2681, a rare Zombie Punk, saw a whopping 900 ETH secondary sale. 

  • Pranksy swept the Doodles floor via Genie

  • Blitmaps: this week dev and Blitmap artist BigPapap posted a brief history of the collection. 

  • gmoney.eth purchased Noun 165.

  • NounPunks, a new Nouns- and Punks-inspired collection, minted out

🎨 Cryptoart

  • XCOPY: the artist’s All Time High in the City was acquired on SuperRare for 1,630 ETH.
  • DeeZe collected XCOPY’s Blood Run for 242.69 ETH.
  • dom, a Nounder and the creator of Blitmaps and Loot, is working on something new. Looks cool!

🎮 NFT Games

  • Nate Alex, OG NFTer, launched Chainfaces Arena, an unprecedented experiment that’s pointing toward new NFT possibilities. Check out this helpful explainer thread by Kongee.eth.
  • Axie Infinity published some short-term considerations around SLP economics.
  • Sunflower Farmers, a play-to-earn game, has driven Polygon gas prices to new heights.

💽 Music

🌐 Virtual Worlds

  • Larva Labs announced the Meebits API, which will let metaverse projects access rigged model files for Meebits.
  • Decentraland introduced royalties to its marketplace system.
  • Cryptovoxels auctions for Scarcity Island are returning Jan. 11th.

💎 DeFi x NFTs

Action steps

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