Unlocking Privacy on Ethereum with Paul Brody

Paul Brody is the head of EY’s blockchain business.
Jan 25, 202301:11:36

Inside the episode

Paul Brody is the head of EY’s blockchain business. EY is Ernst & Young, one of the “big 4” global professional services and accounting firms.  He’s been at EY for nearly 8 years now and before that he was a VP at IBM where he started IBM’s first blockchain project.

Paul is deeply intertwined with the Ethereum community as well as enterprise use cases. If anyone is going to crack the nut of Enterprise use cases for public blockchains, it's going to be him.


0:00 Intro

7:00 Enterprise Blockchains

11:20 Public vs. Private Blockchains

15:00 Use Cases

18:36 Supply Chains vs. Digital Money

22:00 Disruption

23:55 Network Effects

26:40 EY's Nightfall

30:50 Low-Cost Transactions

37:30 Tokenizing the World

41:50 Real-World Assets

47:10 Transactions

50:44 Stablecoin Adoption

54:15 DeFi Integration

56:35 Operating Nightfall

59:40 Nightfall Roadmap

1:01:35 Why EY

1:05:15 Enterprise Blockchain Burn Leaderboard

1:08:40 Action Items & Disclaimers


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