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Bankless Bankless Jan 1, 20239 min read

Updated Feb 2023.

Crypto is complex.

There’s too many technical concepts to learn, and protocols to familiarize yourself with.

Don’t worry - this Bankless guide is your roadmap into the world of crypto. Think of it as a curated crypto Wikipedia into the wild west of open finance. 🌏

We make it less intimidating, accessible and most importantly, fun to learn.

Welcome to the 2023 Bankless journey.

- Ryan Sean Adams

2023 Bankless guide content page:

  1. Understanding core concepts - What is crypto?
  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Alt-L1s
  3. DeFi
  4. NFTs
  5. Blockchain gaming and collectibles
  6. Layer-2 rollups
  7. DAOs
  8. Trading crypto - How to DeFi?
  9. Security & Privacy
  10. How to do crypto taxes
  11. Getting a job in crypto
  12. Public Policy
  13. The Big Picture (Essential Editorials)

1. Understand core concepts

The perfect intro to DeFi for beginners stepping into crypto:


Big picture:

2. Ethereum, Bitcoin and Alt-L1s

Bitcoin is the OG blockchain. What made it so successful, and how does it work?

What is Ethereum?

MEV and censorship

Ethereum monetary policy

What are the alt-L1s blockchains fighting to beat Bitcoin and Ethereum?

3. DeFi

Into the world of Decentralized Finance:

The most essential DeFi protocols that you need to know about.

What is yield farming:

Stablecoins, crypto’s killer app:

4. NFTs

For everything on the world of non-fungible tokens:

NFT tactics:

5. Blockchain Gaming & Collectibles

For everything about games being built on the blockchain:

6. Layer-2 Rollups

What are Layer-2 rollups and how are they scaling blockchains?

Layer-2 Rollups tactics:

7. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and Governance

DAOs will change the future of work. What are these new modes of organizations?

DAO tactics:


Bankless DAO:

8. How to trade crypto?

While you learn the key concepts take time to level-up on the key skills so you can do things in the Bankless money system—pay, lend, borrow, earn, trade, and invest.


Beginner Investing (how to structure your portfolio?):

Token valuation

Classic How-To Tactics Tutorials

Pay & Receive:

Lend & Borrow:



Structured financial products


Hedge and assess your risks:

9. Security and Privacy

Wallets & Addresses:

📄Ultimate Guide to Ledger


10. How to do crypto taxes

Break down the complexity of doing your taxes:

11. Getting a Job in Crypto

Check out the best jobs in crypto and DeFi on the Bankless Jobs Board!

12. Public Policy and Regulation

Crypto’s fight against central banks and regulation:

13. The Big Picture (Essential Editorials)


Ethereum & Bitcoin are Digital Nations

Economic bandwidth explains why ETH & BTC are irreplaceable as money

Protocol Sink Thesis explains why DeFi will win

Crypto eating traditional finance:

Scaling Ethereum:


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