25 - YFI: Farming the Farmers | Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje calls himself just another DeFi dev, but you can't help but wonder, is he's underselling himself with that title?
Aug 10, 2020

Inside the episode

In a few short months, he single-handedly created a fleet of DeFi yield farming money robots that locked up over $400m in assets in his yearn protocol. He launched a YFI token that grew in value by over 1,000% in its first week, one of the most explosive price charts crypto has ever seen.

No pre-mine, no VC, no founders reward.

Maybe a better title is King of the Yield Farmers. DeFi's Satoshi.

Who is this guy?

What did he build and why is it brilliant?

Why did YFI go from $3 on July 17th to $5000 on August 8th?

This is everything you need to know about yearn, YFI, and Andre.


  • How Andre's really feeling
  • What's up with "I test in prod"
  • Why high YFI price can be bad
  • How Yearn automates yield farming
  • Andre's money robots
  • Incenting strategy writers
  • Risks of yearn
  • Launching YFI to scale
  • Why people buy YFI
  • Organic governance
  • Is Andre The Joker?
  • What's coming next

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