What are the benefits of a Bankless Citizenship?

Here are all the benefits you receive for becoming a Bankless Citizen:

1 – Bankless’s Ultimate Guide to Airdrops (25+ Opportunities) Spending 10 mins on each of these opportunities to learn and use them could land you a potential payday in the future. Obviously, we don’t promise anything or offer financial/investment advice. But scroll to the bottom to see the ones we’ve correctly called. 

2 – Bankless’s Token Ratings We publish token ratings on the first Friday of the month. Bankless Token Ratings are an ~ENTERTAINMENT ONLY~ analysis on whether you should buy, hold, or sell certain tokens based on our valuation models. Not financial advice.

3 – Bankless’s Exclusive Newsletter Sections ↳UNLOCKED (new Market Monday emails every Monday)Every Monday, you’ll now have access to sections of our newsletter that are locked for free subscribers. These sections include: Market Opportunities, Yield Opportunities, Trending Project of the Week, and Governance Alpha. 

4 – 30% Discount for Permissionless 2023 We’ve teaming up yet again with our friends at Blockworks to put together the biggest DeFi event of the year. Permissionless is heading to Austin, Texas on September 11-13, 2023. Tickets start at $199, but will increase in price the longer you wait! Every two weeks, 250 tickets unlock. Once 250 tickets are purchased, registration closes and you’ll have to wait until the next release.

5 – Claim your Bankless Badge. As a citizen of the Bankless Nation you can claim your Bankless badge here for 12 months This Bankless POAP (Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol) is your personal non-transferable badge that is your on-chain marker of your Citizenship in the Bankless Nation.

6 – Private Bankless Nation Discord. Connect, collaborate, and create with other citizens of the Bankless Nation.

7 – Access to the Exclusive Bankless Ad-Free Podcast Feed. Unlock ad-free Bankless episodes, early access to all future Monday Podcast episodes, and behind-the-scenes debriefs where Ryan and David share their private opinions on every Monday Podcast episode. 

Become a citizen today: www.bankless.com/join

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions at [email protected]

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