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Published on May 17, 2024
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Farcaster Decentralizes

Besides the Lens Network announcement, this week's big news in the crypto social scene was Farcaster's plan to decentralize channels. 

Previously, channels โ€“ like subreddits on Reddit โ€“ were only available in-app on Warpcast, the most popular Farcaster client. Today, Farcaster creator Dan Romero confirmed that channels will be brought in-protocol by the end of this summer. 

This means like accounts, channels will soon be onchain and sovereign on Farcaster. Communities built in these channels will be owned by their creators, free from the control of any one platform and with considerable flexibility over ownership and economics.

Farcaster's bold move here sets the stage for a new era where community membership and management are truly in the hands of the users. We love to see it.

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