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Launch a Memecoin on Base with Basecamp

Take this popular Base memecoin launcher for a spin.
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster May 20, 20243 min read
Launch a Memecoin on Base with Basecamp

It’s memecoin season, and with the growing interest here we’ve seen a rise in “memecoin launcher” projects. 

The idea? These do-it-yourself platforms make it easy to create and deploy your own memecoins in a streamlined and secure fashion. 

I’ve covered a couple of these projects so far, like and Party, and more are launching every week. A new one that caught my eye this month is Basecamp Hit for $2M in Flash Loan Exploit on Bankless
Solana’s buzzy memecoin launcher hit with attack.

Created by the builders at Sudoswap (one of my favorite protocol teams), Basecamp is a 1-click memecoin deployer with no launch costs except the ETH you need for gas. 

Specifically, Basecamp is tailored for releasing memecoins on Uniswap’s Base deployment. 

Typically, you would need upfront capital to create a liquidity pool (LP) for a new token, but Basecamp lets you set up a pool without any initial liquidity provided. It also locks the liquidity to prevent rugging, and it lets creators keep 5% of a token’s supply and earn 66% of all accrued LP fees. 

Pretty cool, right? Well, if you’re interested in exploring, it’s straightforward to dive in. First, head to and connect a wallet. 

Note, you might notice wallets like MetaMask, Rainbow, Rabby, etc. throw a “warning” message when you go to connect. This is a common precaution with new sites and is meant to be a first line of defense against nefarious platforms. Sudoswap is legit so you can ignore here, but feel free to sign in with a burner wallet if you’d like to go the extra mile!

Once you’re logged in, you can start reviewing new and trending tokens on Basecamp or press the “Launch Token” button to start setting up your own. 

Clicking into an already existing token will bring you to an interface where you can review that coin’s main liquidity and activity stats or link out to trade on the associated Uniswap pool, like so:

As for creating your own memecoin, the “Launch Token” button on the homepage will take you to a modal where you can input your token’s desired name, ticker, supply, and starting market cap. Remember, you don’t have to supply ETH for this market cap; instead Basecamp adjusts your LP size to target your choice. 

I was able to create a coin in less than one minute with less than $1 of gas.

When you’re ready to proceed, press “Launch Token,” complete the deploy transaction with your wallet, and voila: your memecoin will now be live on Uniswap and Base.

At this point, you’ll be taken to the token profile of your coin. This interface offers an admin panel where you’ll be able to claim LP fees going forward if your token gains any traction.

Of course, keep in mind that Basecamp is brand new, and there is no guarantee that any tokens you create here will have any lasting success. 

What the platform has going for it, though, is that it’s arguably the easiest, fastest, and cheapest place to deploy memecoins today, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. It took me longer to write the first few sentences of this post than it took me to launch the example MMT token above!

Accordingly, Basecamp democratizes access to token creation and can potentially fuel a new wave of creative and community-driven projects on Base. In the meantime, it’s a great resource to bookmark for your onchain toolbox—don’t sleep on it!

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