DeFi Didn't Break with Dan Morehead & Joey Krug

Many things have broken in the last few months during crypto's bear market. However, DeFi didn't break. Dan Morehead and Joey Krug explain why
Jul 27, 202200:59:3031,898 views

Inside the episode

Dan founded Pantera in 2003, then pivoted into cryptocurrency in 2013 and went all in on crypto, and is the firm's CEO. Joey joined Pantera in 2017 as co-CIO and is a seasoned builder/investor in the crypto space.

Both repeat Bankless guests and both know more than a thing or two about crypto and investing.


0:00 Intro

6:15 The Past Few Months

10:28 Crypto's 2008 Moment

12:40 The Mainstream Media Story

16:45 CeFi vs. DeFi Confusion

21:45 Media Incentives

24:00 DeFi vs. Wall Street

30:45 DeFi is Too Referential Critique

33:38 DeFi Worked Great

37:05 Transparency Thoughts

43:15 2008 Prevented with DeFi?

49:35 Educating Retail

53:39 Was This Surprising?

55:00 Quick Macro Takes

58:20 Closing & Disclaimers


Dan Morehead

Joey Krug

DeFi Worked Great


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