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Living Forever? The Science and Ethics of Longevity

Discussing Longevity with Patrick Linden, Sergio Ruiz, and Michael Geer
Jul 6, 202302:10:03

Inside the episode

In this video, we delve into the frontier of longevity and the pursuit of living forever. The discussion of longevity sparks different reactions among people, with some rejecting the idea outright, deeming it unnatural or immoral.

At Zuzalu, two distinct groups emerged—the Health and Wellness tribe, focused on healthy lifestyles, and the longevity tribe, resembling crypto enthusiasts, passionately researching the silver bullet for eternal life.

We explore the two conversations of slowing down aging and accelerating rejuvenation, with a particular focus on the latter. Interviews with Patrick Linden, author of "The Case Against Death," Sergio Ruiz, an epigenetic reprogramming expert, and Michael Greer, founder of the Humanity app, shed light on the socio-cultural reactions, DNA reprogramming, and AI-driven longevity scoring.

While the pursuit of longevity faces regulatory challenges, its potential to eliminate diseases and revolutionize healthcare holds transformative power. The quest for extended health spans offers tremendous benefits for humanity's future.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Wellness vs Longevity


9:30 The Pursuit of Immortality

12:30 We Want Choice

16:30 How Long Would You Live?

23:20 Now is the Time

27:00 Health is Longevity

33:30 Increasing Healthspan

36:30 The Case Against Death

41:40 How to Not Die


48:45 Healthspan and Lifespan

52:50 Longevity Research

57:45 Epigenetic Reprogramming

1:05:30 Feeling Young

1:09:30 Longevity Escape Velocity

1:14:30 Challenges and Obstacles

1:18:30 The Economic Case


1:31:50 A Billion Years of Health

1:38:45 Utilizing Technology

1:43:45 Using AI for Health

1:46:15 Good Metrics to Track

1:52:00 Defining Health

1:55:00 The Humanity App

2:01:30 More Users, More Wearables

2:08:45 Get Healthier


Patrick Linden

Sergio Ruiz

Michael Geer

The Case Against Death


Animal Free Precision Medicine

Humanity App

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