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Wu-Tang's Renaissance
Published on June 14, 2024
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Wu-Tang's Renaissance

This week's big news? Collector collective PleasrDAO transformed the legendary Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album by hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan into a digitized, encrypted NFT.

The record, originally made in secret over 6 years and released as a single physical copy, became the most expensive work of music ever sold when Martin "Pharma Bro" Shkreli purchased it for $2M in 2015.

The album, purchased by Pleasr from the U.S. Department of Justice for $4M in 2021 to cover Shkreli's legal debts, was originally slated to be sealed until 2103.

Thanks to Pleasr's new collab with Wu-Tang Clan, though, anyone can now purchase a $1 NFT on Base that grants access to an album sampler and advances the album’s public release by 88 seconds at a time, aiming for a crowdsourced full release long before 2103.

Why's this drop a big deal? Because it's a bold experiment in onchain music distribution. It challenges and riffs on traditional notions of music ownership and access, while allowing fans to directly participate in the release process toward a new kind of collective ownership.

Also, while sentiments around DAOs lately seem to be at all-time lows, this experiment exemplifies how onchain collectives are still viable and can be impactful in the real world.

All that said, Pleasr's initiative is not just about sharing a unique piece of music history but also about pioneering new pathways for digital collaboration and community-driven projects. It's worth applauding and tracking closely accordingly!

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