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What Happens Next in Crypto? with Fiskantes & Matti

Fiskantes and Matti of Zee Prime Capital join us to share a glimpse of their collective crystal ball into the future of crypto.
Oct 6, 202201:23:41

Inside the episode

How does our industry go from bear to bull market again and what does the future of the space look like? Fiskantes and Matti have the answers.


0:00 Intro

7:30 Are We Lost Right Now?

10:36 What Era Does This Feel Like?

17:25 Product Market Fit

23:25 Narrativeless For Now

28:02 Macro

38:00 Are Tokens Dead?

46:50 Bitcoin

54:31 Bear to Bull Market Theories

59:17 Actual DeFi 2.0

1:02:49 Web3 E-Commerce

1:07:48 Tokenizing IP

1:11:16 Web3 Social

1:16:00 Best Advice

1:22:12 Closing & Disclaimers




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