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What Happens Next in Crypto? with Fiskantes & Matti

Fiskantes and Matti of Zee Prime Capital join us to share a glimpse of their collective crystal ball into the future of crypto.
Oct 6, 202201:23:41205,894 views

Inside the episode

How does our industry go from bear to bull market again and what does the future of the space look like? Fiskantes and Matti have the answers.


0:00 Intro

7:30 Are We Lost Right Now?

10:36 What Era Does This Feel Like?

17:25 Product Market Fit

23:25 Narrativeless For Now

28:02 Macro

38:00 Are Tokens Dead?

46:50 Bitcoin

54:31 Bear to Bull Market Theories

59:17 Actual DeFi 2.0

1:02:49 Web3 E-Commerce

1:07:48 Tokenizing IP

1:11:16 Web3 Social

1:16:00 Best Advice

1:22:12 Closing & Disclaimers




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