The 5 Sui Projects You Should Try Today

Sui is catching hype, here are some ways to catch the opportunity.
David C David C Feb 8, 20244 min read
The 5 Sui Projects You Should Try Today

Sui is making quite the wavesurpassing 500m in TVL and nearly 3xing since the beginning of December.

This long-anticipated chain is quickly becoming a strong contender amid non-EVM L1s. While Sui has yet to turn one year old, many projects have taken up arms, fighting to stake their claim on this promising ecosystem. As we explore these five Sui ecosystem plays, remember that on the frontier, reward always comes tightly intertwined with risk!

With that, we forge ahead. 👇

🔴 Turbos Finance

Website | Twitter

Turbos Finance, one of the fastest-growing projects on Sui this past month, is a hyper-efficient, non-custodial decentralized exchange. It boasts backing from Mysten Labs, the founders of Sui, and Jump Crypto, a well-established trading firm. Turbos stands out thanks to its CLMM DEX model, a tool that enhances capital efficiency for liquidity providers and reduces impermanent loss — two common pain points for LPs. 

Where’s the Opportunity?

Yield Opportunities: For liquidity providers, Turbos currently boasts some astounding yield opportunities, like ~400% on SUI/USDC and ~300% on USDT/USDC, for example. Be sure you know about the risks associated with LPing and potentially prioritize stable pools.

TURBOS: Like many tokens, TURBOS offers governance capabilities, voting rights, and staking opportunities. By staking TURBOS, users contribute to the exchange’s overall liquidity, earning trading fee rewards from the platform. Also, holding TURBOS provides discounts or rebates on trading fees, rewarding users who stick with the exchange. So, if you want to go long on the marketplace and see yourself using it, TURBOS may be for you. 

⚫️ Aftermath Finance

Website | Twitter

Aftermath isn’t the Jupiter of Sui; rather, Jupiter is the Aftermath of Solana — or so the meme goes. From the team responsible for enabling liquid staking on Sui, Aftermath is a DEX aiming to offer a CEX-like UX for trading, swapping, and earning yield by providing liquidity with support for multi-asset pools — a tool that minimizes price discrepancies for trades across a variety of assets. In addition, Aftermath offers a liquid staking derivative, afSUI, to be used in DeFi further or deposited into pools on their exchange to earn rewards. Aftermath gets its comparison to Jupiter thanks to its aspirations to expand into an all-in-one platform with products like perps and support for NFTs, as well as from its router aggregator, which lets it optimize trades by finding the best markets on Sui. Though it has no token yet, Aftermath still presents a few opportunities for degens to take advantage of. And, like Jupiter, a token may be in its cards.

Where’s the Opportunity?

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