The zkEVM is Here | zkSync's Steve Newcomb

We brought on zkSync's Chief Product Officer, Steve Newcomb to share all about zkSync's exciting updates and how they're going to impact the space.
Sep 28, 202201:30:06

Inside the episode

By the end of October, zkSync is going to be shipping the world's first zkEVM. Steve Newcomb thinks it's a big deal, and so should you.

We also had to ask Steve, wen token? Tune into the episode to hear his response!


0:00 Intro

9:38 Wen Mainnet?

11:22 What is zkSync Shipping?

12:36 zkEVM Design Choices

19:26 Why zkEVM is Progressing Fast

22:56 Optimistic Rollups vs. zkEVMs

27:00 The Layer 3 Ecosystem & Narrative

41:48 Losing Sovereignty?

44:08 Prover Competition

46:39 Same Circuit & Hyper Bridges

52:15 The Cosmos Vision

58:01 L1s to L3s

1:04:10 Onboarding Strategy

1:10:16 Wen Token?

1:13:33 2/3's Distribution

1:15:42 Open Source

1:25:08 zkSync 2.0 & 3.0 and Beyond

1:29:17 Closing & Disclaimers


Steve Newcomb




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