The NFT era ⏲️

BAYC and MAYC volume frenzy, BrainDrops launches, Sushi’s Shoyu arrives, and more!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Nov 19, 20212 min read
The NFT era ⏲️

Dear Bankless Nation,

ETH goes up, ETH goes down, ‘round and ‘round we go.

At the end of the day, it’s business as usual here. The NFT ecosystem has never been as teeming as it is now, and the possibilities around us continue to multiply toward the horizon.

To that I say: good morning, and strap in. Our work and play are only just beginning!

As usual thanks for reading everyone, and have a great weekend ✌️


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🏆 Digital Collectibles

  • The BAYC and MAYC collections dominated the NFT ecosystem’s volume charts this week ...

    Image via OpenSea
  • Speaking of Bored Apes, the largest sale from the series this week came when Bored Ape #8650 sold for 450 ETH!

  • The Doodles collectibles project notched +20k ETH worth of trading volume in its first month out.

  • Thanks to Nouns POAP, the top 5 runners-up in every Noun auction are going to receive a unique 1/1 badge created by artist David Horvath.

🎨 Cryptoart

  • New AI art platform BrainDrops saw its first 3 drops sell out in minutes this week.
  • Vine creator and NFT experimenter Dom Hofmann released a new contract for his latest cryptoart experiment, Corruptions:

🎮 NFT Games

  • Leading NFT game Axie Infinity just announced the Axie Infinity Creator Cup:

🌐 Virtual Worlds

  • Cryptovoxels is adding support for VRM avatars. The project also just auctioned off its latest Pilikai parcels.
  • The country of Barbados is establishing a metaverse embassy in Decentraland.
  • Aavegotchi’s Gotchiverse just had its 1st land sale; check out this awesome explainer thread.
  • Don’t miss this sneak peak of the Nifty Island builder system:

🛒 NFT News & Platforms

  • Genie, the first NFT marketplace aggregator, opened up to the public.
  • Sushi’s Shoyu NFT platform just launched.
  • NFT curation project Gallery just raised nearly $3M.

💎 DeFi x NFTs

Action steps

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