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CZ, Bull Market Predictions & The Future of Binance | New CEO Richard Teng

Binance in the Post-CZ Era
Jun 14, 202401:14:19

Inside the episode

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Now that CZ is gone, who’s going to fill his shoes?His name is Richard Teng, the new Binance CEO. He’s joining the podcast today to not only share the story of how he got here, but also to define his vision for the future of Binance.

We ask him:

  • Who is Richard Teng?
  • What was it like to work with CZ?
  • Why Crypto?
  • What is going on in Nigeria?
  • Bull Market Predictions?

If you want to know who’s taking charge in the next era of Binance, this episode is for you.


0:00 Intro

7:16 Who’s Richard Teng

15:54 The Last 2 Years

24:30 Filling CZ Shoes

34:58 The Future of Binance

48:33 What is Going on in Nigeria?

54:31 Why Crypto?

1:03:33 BNB Chain

1:05:48 Richard Teng’s Routine

1:08:25 Bull Market Predictions

1:14:21 Advice for Investors

1:16:17 User Fund Security

1:19:31 Closing & Disclaimers


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