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The Blockchain Trilemma - ETH Vs SOL Vs ATOM with Mike Ippolito

The Blockchain Trilemma with Mike Ippolito
Sep 1, 202301:52:13

Inside the episode

Today we're joined by Mike Ippolito, co-founder at Blockworks, who's here to breakdown his take on the Blockchain trilemma and how Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos chains all attempt to solve it.

This wide ranging interview asks great questions and shines a light on what a multi-chain future might look like.


0:00 Intro

6:13 Intro To Mike

11:16 The Three Frontiers

19:11 Recap and Overview

25:58 Different Approaches to The Scalability Trilemma

31:42 Explaining PEPC

36:13 A Point By Point Walkthrough

45:29 Ethereum Vs The Invisible Hand

56:58 Should The Free Market Be in Control?

1:01:11 Moloch

1:08:13 Solo Validators

1:10:31 Defining Decentralization

1:15:49 Power Law Winners

1:19:03 Roll Apps vs App Chains

1:29:09 Defining Soverign Rollups

1:33:29 Sequencer Incentives

1:36:20 Exploring The Superchain

1:41:31 Price Discovery on Chain

1:44:15 Making Crypto Accessable

1:48:50 Permissionless Panel

1:51:29 Outro and Disclaimers


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