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Jack Inabinet Jack Inabinet Apr 7, 20231 min read

Last updated May 11th, 2023

Name: SyncSwap
Status: Unconfirmed 🚫
Confidence: High
Sector: Exchange
Chains: ZKS

Why we're watching:
While the protocol does not mention anything relating to tokenomics in its docs, it appears that the roadmap to token is soon™️...

SyncSwap previously launched its Pioneer Era Campaign and Loyalty Program, rewarding early users with NFTs and token allocations. While both of these campaigns are no longer active, according to Discord messages, SYNC is imminent.

What is it?
SyncSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the recently deployed zkSync Era L2. The protocol provides swaps and is set to deploy a token launchpad, a popular feature of many Arbitrum DEXs like Camelot.

Maximize your eligibility by:
LPing on SyncSwap
Swapping on SyncSwap

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