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Superphiz, above all, is a community member. Phiz rallies the troops across the Rocket Pool and r/EthFinance communities, and is passionate about ETH staking.
Jun 7, 202201:31:42

Inside the episode

Self-describing as the beacon chain community health consultant, Phiz is on a holy mission to promote crypto values.

Phiz is a perfect example of a grassroots individual making a huge impact without a technical background. It’s all Layer Zero, and it always has been.


0:00 Intro

3:30 Peak Phiz Performance

6:34 Decentralized Background

10:41 Ethereum vs Moloch

16:34What’s at Stake?

20:44 We are Layer Zero

24:08 Changing the Culture

28:38 Can We Solve This Problem?

33:30 Using Incentives

43:53 Governance and Values

47:23 The Centralization Limit

55:30 Responsibility Games

59:39 Psychology & Politics

1:03:00 The Role of Bankless

1:08:24 A Unique Position

1:14:14 Bullish

1:18:50 Predicting the Cycles

1:21:00 Talking Shop

1:24:50 A Community Member

1:27:27 Phiz’s Priorities

1:28:31 Closing Remarks


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