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Getting Started with Stride and stTIA

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William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Feb 12, 20241 min read
Getting Started with Stride and stTIA

Everyone seems to be talking about Stride.

The staking platform for Cosmos chains just unveiled stTIA, a liquid staking token (LST) for Celestia’s TIA. stTIA allows holders to earn Celestia staking yields passively while still maintaining a liquid position that can be used in other DeFi projects.

Stride also just kicked off a 150-day STRD airdrop campaign for early stTIA holders. 

  • Strategy: Deposit TIA to mint stTIA.
  • Goal: Earn TIA staking rewards + STRD airdrop eligibility.

How to get started with stTIA

  • 🪙 Ready your TIA — Acquire TIA on a crypto exchange like Coinbase or Kraken and then deposit it to your Celestia wallet, e.g. Keplr
  • 👛 Connect your wallet — Head to and click the “Connect wallet” button to connect your Celestia wallet.
  • 🔢 Prep your position — In the “Liquid Staking” interface, input the amount of TIA you want to convert to stTIA. 
  • 📥 Complete the deposit — Press “Liquid stake,” then “Start staking.” Approve the two ensuing transactions with your wallet to deposit TIA and mint stTIA. 
  • 💰 Earn rewards — Hold your stTIA to earn Celestia staking yields and qualify for daily STRD snapshots. STRD rewards will be claimable 6 months after they’re earned
  • 🔃 Unwind your position — Whenever you want to withdraw your stTIA back to TIA, you can do so using the “Unstake” tab in Stride’s “Liquid Staking” interface. 
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