Stay Awhile and Listen!

Don't be a crypto-tourist; become a crypto-settler by becoming a Premium Subscriber!
David Hoffman David Hoffman Jun 20, 20213 min read
Stay Awhile and Listen!

ETH price is back to where it was 12 weeks ago. BTC is backwards 24 weeks! Anthony Sassano joined me recently on a live stream while we chatted about the recent price action, and people’s reaction to it.

Generally everyone is confused as to the direction of the market, and this has caused a lot of the unhealthy speculation and crypto-tourists to leave.

There’s a sense of relief coming from those who established their crypto-settlements in the 2018-19 bear market; the 2020-21 bull market has been absolutely crazy. Lots of new players, tons of news, and so many new projects to keep up with! Some of the OGs are wishing for a return to quieter times 😅, where people put their heads down and focus on building.

Funnily enough, when these builders build… they ultimately create the reasons as to why crypto-tourists and speculators always come back to crypto; there are too many things to be excited about.

You’re getting this email because you’re a free subscriber to Bankless. And we don’t want you to turn into a crypto-tourist. We want you to be a crypto-settler.

We want you to be a Premium Subscriber to Bankless!

Stay awhile and listen!

Set up camp and get yourself dug in. This industry is a ton of fun while prices are going up, but real wealth is created during the times when price-action is quiet. The people that stick around while others leave are ultimately the ones who become the guides for the next wave of newcomers, and it puts you in a position of leadership for your friends who need a crypto-expert.

Become a Premium Member of the Bankless program to keep yourself focused on the real reasons why we’re all here in crypto: self-sovereignty over your money and wealth.

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Here’s what you get:

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These podcast debriefs are some of my favorite content bits we produce at Bankless. Sometimes, the best content is the unplanned stream-of-consciousness that only Premium Subscribers get access to!

Become a Premium member now. Don’t miss the opportunity! Just $22 / mo. can get you miles ahead.

The Inner Circle discord group is where we hangout as a community, and… when prices are down, where we all hug it out 🤗. We got community members organizing Meetups:

and some good ol’ memery too:

The Inner Circle is designed to be the hangout room for those who are here for the long-term, and we want you in there!

I’ll see you in there!

- David

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