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Restaking Summer’s Airdrop Mania Begins

Will ETHFI's airdrop bring even more attention to restaking?
Jack Inabinet Jack Inabinet Mar 18, 20242 min read
market analysis Restaking Summer’s Airdrop Mania Begins

Spring has yet to begin, but restaking summer is already in full swing, with claims for’s ETHFI airdrop going live this morning! Who was eligible for the drop, and how can you claim your allocation?

At a current price of $3.40 per ETHFI, the Protocol’s 68M token airdrop generated $230M in free wealth for early members of its community!

The lion’s share of the airdrop (90%) went to stakers; anyone who earned more than 1k points (equivalent to staking 1 ETH for one day or 0.1 ETH for ten days) qualified to receive an allocation, with boosted allocations awarded to badge holders and for making referrals.

 While’s distribution was primarily linear based on the amount of ETH deposited, it skewed to favor certain populations of stakers, with the bottom 50% of wallets contributing 1.8% of TVL and receiving 18% of the tokens.

Late whales also managed to cash in big thanks to this distribution, demonstrated by Justin Sun receiving nearly 3.5M ETHFI tokens (worth $11.7M at the time of analysis) for depositing 120k ETH into just last Wednesday.

 For those who missed out on the airdrop, do not despair, as now is the time to transform remorse over your failure to capitalize on this opportunity into action to position yourself for future airdrop opportunities! Not only has committed to dropping an additional 5% of its token supply during a second round of airdrops, there are multiple other tokenless restaking projects out there, making interacting with projects in this sector a lucrative prospect.

The Bankless Airdrop Hunter walks you through the process of interacting with top restaking airdrop candidates, simplifying the process of searching for quality hunts while positioning you to maximize your eligibility for potential drops, evidenced by the fact that Bankless Citizens walked away with an average of 1,142 ETHFI – 2x the allocation of an average airdrop recipient! 👀

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