Quiet on the NFT Front
Published on May 24, 2024
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Quiet on the NFT Front

For the most part, the top NFT collections are down or flat on the week as ETH and other major cryptocurrencies have chopped in the wake of the first spot ETH ETF approvals.

That said, it's also been quieter than usual here in recent days, as some projects likely sat on announcements after the ETH ETF odds started improving rapidly since Monday.

Yet just because it's been generally quiet here doesn't mean there aren't specific hotspots of activity worth tracking closely. For example, NFT experiments continue to drop daily via Base and Warpcast, and farming season is in full swing around Blast's NFT scene ahead of the $BLAST airdrop next month.

If the overall lull in NFTs has you nodding off, be sure to spend some time routinely digging through the Base and Blast ecosystems in the coming weeks for new apps and opportunities like BLASTR. This is where all the action is at right now!

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My former colleague Sammy Bauch is a builder, and lately he's working on Speedtracer, an addictive touch-based racing game with generative racetracks on Base.

I wanted to do something fun for you readers, so I sponsored today's track. Behold Metaversal Motorway! The idea is simple: race the track with your finger to try to get the highest scores you can.

Note, your scores will be entered into the ongoing Rainbow Cup, a points championship where the top 9 overall racers will earn a cut from an ETH prize pool at the end of the current season.

My recommendation? Use the Rainbow wallet's new Onchain Browser to play so you can double up and earn Rainbow points and Rainbow Cup points simultaneously.


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