On-chain games 🕹️

Art Blocks Engine, Moonbirds Mythics, OpenSea Seaport + Polygon, & more!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Sep 2, 20222 min read
On-chain games 🕹️

Dear Bankless Nation,

My read of the week? “The Future of On-Chain Gaming” by Volt Capital’s Alec Chen.

It’s a short and insightful read about how on-chain multiplayer gaming, while nascent, is on the verge of working at scale.

I totally agree! With infra improving quickly and gas fees trending toward zero, I think it’s only a matter of time until we start seeing the first complex on-chain gaming blockbusters.

Those titles may still be years away, sure. Yet the seeds for them are being sown today, so keep your eyes peeled on the on-chain gaming scene accordingly. For now, let’s get you caught up on the past week in NFTs — have a great weekend everyone ✌️


📣 General NFT News

  • LooksRare added an NFT Quicklook feature:

🏆 Digital Collectibles

  • Moonbirds Mythics, a 20k Moonbirds expansion collection, is coming early next year:

🎨 Cryptoart

🎮 Decentralized Gaming

💽 Music NFTs

🌐 Virtual Worlds

  • Decentraland is hosting a permanent collection of Frida Kahlo’s art.
  • Hyperfly introduced custom avatars:

💎 DeFi x NFTs

  • Based Ghouls shuttered the project’s v0 Ghoul Pool on sudoswap:

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