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What's In Your NFT? 👛

Weekly Roundup: Apple approves Axie, !fundrop Friday, Pudgy Penguin toys, & more!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster May 19, 20234 min read
What's In Your NFT? 👛

Dear Bankless Nation,

After I wrote about ERC-6551 earlier this week, I chatted with lots of colleagues and peers who were just as excited as I was for the possibilities ahead.

And I guarantee you tons of similar convos took place around the ecosystem this week. We’ve swung from “What can you do with your NFT?” to “What can’t you do with your NFT?”

There are endless potential applications here, all of which are going to help bring more interesting experiences to the NFT space. Soon we’ll all be asking each other, “What’s in your NFT?”

For now though have a great weekend, and thanks for reading everyone — let’s dive into the roundup.


📊 The big picture

The market capitalization of the NFT space rose to 8.08 million ETH ($14.68B USD) this week, marking an impressive 5.21% increase from last week's 7.68 million ETH ($13.64B USD). NFTs aren’t dead after all, who would’ve thought!

🔝 7D top collections by volume


📰 General news

🏆 Digital collectibles

🎨 Cryptoart & music

🎮 Decentralized gaming

🌐 Virtual worlds

🪙 NFTfi

  • Blur added support for borrowing against Bored Apes and “Buy Now Pay Later” support for Mutant Apes on Blend.
  • Season 1 rewards are now live.

🎆 Mint spotlight: “Mint Machine” by numo.eth’s inaugural !fun Friday drop has arrived. Still catching up? “!fun Fridays” are weekly reward events for !fundrop pass holders (you can still mint any time if you haven’t yet). Every Friday, members can claim rewards based on factors like mint streaks, leaderboard position, and beyond. Among the weekly rewards is a “!fun NFT,” i.e. a limited-edition cryptoart collectible created by artists in the NFT community. The first drop comes via numo.eth, a renowned creator in the space’s CC0 and pixel art circles. Learn more about the drop in this announcement thread.

🙇 New insightful threads to level up your web3 knowledge!

1. Ethlizards on redeploying an NFT collection.

2. Linea on “NFT Week” of the L2’s ongoing Voyage campaign.

3. MANI on Ubisoft’s Assassin Creed NFTs.

4. Patrick Rivera on Nike’s new NFT collection.

5. Scott Sunarto on World Engine, a rollup-based solution for onchain games.

✨ My NFT tool of the week: The Game Wallet

Developed by the Keyp team, The Game Wallet is an upcoming game cartridge that can transform any Nintendo Game Boy into a crypto hardware wallet. Talk about storing your NFTs in style, right? The tool, which will be open-source and never require firmware updates, will use gamification to generate users' BIP-32 seed phrases through random quests and interactions. The official release date is yet to be announced, but preorders are expected to open soon. You can sign up for the preorder waitlist here in the meantime!

😜 Plugins just came out for all ChatGPT Plus users…

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