NFTs: no for real, though

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William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Feb 4, 20222 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

It seems anti-NFT critics’ jeering is reaching a fever pitch lately. For the most passionate among them, NFTs are totally irredeemably evil and can never do any good.

Such absolute irredeemability is hardly true for anything, and it’s demonstrably not true for NFTs. Just this week alone, artist Dmitri Cherniak raised enough money to cover 16 million meals for the needy with a single cryptoart drop.

This is one example, yet the possibilities for doing good with and around NFTs extend out endlessly in every direction, both individually and collectively speaking. So when hardliners argue NFTs are irredeemable, they’re doing themselves and everyone else a disservice.

I can wax poetic on the current shortcomings of Web3 with the best of ‘em. Yet I’m also astonished by the positives of Web3 and work to advance these. That the anti-NFTers can’t do both shows they’re not seriously paying attention. For real, though.


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  • Dmitri Cherniak published Dead Ringers: Edition, the proceeds of which he directed to the Food Bank for New York City.
  • Thomas Lin Pedersen released Screens via Art Blocks this week:
  • Cryptoart data: Right Click Save published a new article detailing high-level insights on recent cryptoart market activity.

🎮 NFT Games

  • Axie Infinity unveiled economic balancing adjustments for the game’s upcoming Season 20.
  • Chainfaces Arena completed its first battle event; the winner was the Bears Deluxe NFT project, whose successful fighter won 58 ETH!

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