NFT gift ideas for the holidays

A handful of tips on giving the gift of NFTs this holiday season!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Dec 2, 20213 min read
NFT gift ideas for the holidays

Dear Bankless Nation,

It’s the holidays, so it’s time to start getting gifts in order.

That said, the big difference going into this season is NFTs are bigger than they’ve ever been before.

So whether it’s a loved one you want to introduce to the ecosystem or a friend that’s a crypto veteran, you may be racking your brain for tasteful NFT-centric gift ideas right now. Allow me to help!

Toward that end I’ve put together some resources below that’ll help you get started 🎁


I want to gift an NFT to a beginner.

For example, maybe you want to help your younger sibling make the leap into the world of NFTs. They’re eager and you reckon they’ll stick around and have a lot of cool experiences.

In this instance, I’d suggest first gifting them a hardware wallet and then only once they have that set up would I send over an NFT or NFTs that you’ve picked out for them.

The downside here is you don’t give the wallet + the NFTs at the same time. The upside, though, is this puts them on the right path with the foundational experience of setting up and securing their own hardware wallet. Plus you can safely sit on their NFTs until they’re ready so they’ll get time-delayed digital goodies later, too.

Some hardware wallet options:

Intro: Ledger Nano S - $59 USD / ~0.01 ETH

Intermediate: Ledger Nano X - $119 USD / ~0.03 ETH

Premium: GridPlus Lattice1 - $397 USD / ~0.09 ETH

Extra: also consider the Cryptosteel Capsule ($99 USD / ~0.02 ETH), a recovery phrase protection solution.

Bankless resources:

What are some good starter NFTs?

“Good” here is totally subjective, right, as ultimately the answer depends on who you’re shopping for.

However, my general recommendation is don’t break the bank with your first NFT gift(s). As anyone who’s given crypto as a gift in the past will know, there’s always the chance that interest won’t “stick” for the recipient and they may lose access to their address.

Accordingly, gifting some relatively affordable NFTs is the way to go if you’re just trying to kickstart someone’s journey.

Relatively inexpensive NFT examples:

Bankless resources:

What are some more advanced NFT gift ideas?

Maybe this year you have a close friend or even a family member that’s a crypto veteran who you want to give a choice NFT to, or at least something really neat that’s NFT-related.

For this person, simplicity isn’t such a big factor in your gift selection process. What to look at then? Well, you’ve got a range of options. Some gift ideas you might consider include:

Whatever you end up deciding, just make sure you triple-check that the recipient’s address is correct before sending any NFTs on-chain!

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