Monolithic to Modular DAOs with Julz Rosenburg | Layer Zero

How do DAOs go from monolithic to modular? Julia aka Julz Rosenburg has the answer. Julz is the Co-Founder of Orca Protocol, a project trying to uncomplicate coordination by mirroring human coordination. How? One word: Pods!
Jun 21, 202201:08:05

Inside the episode

In their current state, most DAOs have coordination and hierarchical problems. However, with the help of Julz and the Orca Protocol team, this won’t always be the case.

Why are pods essential for the future of DAOs and work? What obstacles stand in the way to achieve this future? Why aren’t you pod-pilled yet? Answers to these questions and so much more in the episode.


0:00 Intro

4:31 What Julz is Here To Do

9:07 History & Summary of Governance

14:48 Trustware vs. Socialware

20:43 Innovation on the Trustware Layer

22:16 Orca Protocol

25:10 Why Pods Matter

30:30 DAO Governance Critiques

36:07 The U.S. Governance System

39:10 The Future of Work

43:34 Monolithic to Modular DAOs

48:05 DAO Metaphors

50:42 How to Get Culture to Scale Exponentially

56:03 Pod Coordination

57:40 DAO Governance Optimism

59:28 Julz’s Advice & Resources for DAOs

1:01:18 Orca’s Product & Capturing Resources


Julz on Twitter

Orca Protocol

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