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Mike Solana - Trump, Crypto, Tech, Politics & Memetic Wars

Is the U.S going to be ok?
Jul 4, 202401:32:44

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Is the U.S going to be ok?

Mike Solana (no relation to Solana the chain, that’s his name),is the editor-in-chief of Pirate Wires and the guy who broke the Trump Memecoin news.

We brought him on the show today to try to make sense of the current state of politics in the face of the upcoming election, and what it all means for crypto.

Expect to learn why tech has pivoted right, why democrats are cracking down on crypto, why media in 2024 is fundamentally broken and much more.


0:00 Intro

7:10 $DJT Memecoin

16:36 Crypto Politics

29:39 Mike’s Perspective on Crypto

34:12 Memetic Wars

37:58 Growth vs Degrowth

43:22 Information Wars

53:35 Social Media

1:01:52 Being Terminally Online

1:14:18 Media in 2024

1:26:30 2024 Election

1:31:15 Closing & Disclaimers


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