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The Lens Revival
Published on Apr 12, 2024
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The Lens Revival

Frames were a huge boon for Farcaster, and now they're poised to come to Lens. Also, a surge of new users came in from this week's Crypto the Game x Lens puzzle, and Lens data just arrived on Dune Analytics. $BONSAI, an answer to $DEGEN on Farcaster, is gaining ground too! If you tried Lens before and are considering diving back in, there's new life in the ecosystem, so the time is ripe!

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Fresh Mints
  1. 🫡 Defend Uni – Bankless created this drop to raise funds for Uniswap's legal defense against the SEC. Every mint counts!
  2. 🛡️ Uniswap Defense Shield – By John Palmer, this drop offers another way to visually support Uniswap. All proceeds go to the DeFi Education Fund (DEF), a crypto advocacy group.
  3. 💜 Uniswap Pooly – Pooly is back in action, this time to defend Uniswap rather than PoolTogther. 100% of the mint proceeds go to Uniswap Labs.


Mass adoption of token-governed technologies. With Mantle Network – an Ethereum rollup, Mantle Treasury, and a token holder governed roadmap for products and initiatives.

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Crypto the Game

Crypto the Game (CTG) started its Season 2 this week, and the Survivor-style contest still has more than 570 players vying to be the last person standing. With Day 5 of the 10-day showdown now unfolding, it's notably not too late to join the fray!

That's because spots in the game are managed by tradable NFTs, meaning membership can be fluid. On the CTG marketplace, the current floor price for a player NFT is 0.13 ETH, or $450.

That's not cheap, but the last person standing wins 80 ETH, and the thrill of the challenges and connecting with fellow tribemates is unmatched in crypto right now.

If you join late, I recommend opting to not join as an anon, as they've been heavily targeted in tribal votes so far. Also, use the CTG site's chat bar to see if you can find a link to your tribe's private Discord or Telegram chat so you can start coordinating with your team asap!

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