Today's your last day...⏰

This is the last day to lock in Bankless Premium pricing for life
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Feb 28, 20211 min read
Today's your last day...⏰

Time’s up!

Today’s the last day to lock in a Bankless Membership for $12.

This works like crypto. Waiting only costs you more later. Tomorrow a Bankless Membership is $22. So if you’ve ever wanted this…

Now’s the time.

I want to become a Bankless Premium Member and lock in this $12 / month price for life.

Quick recap—here’s what Premium Members get:

Weekly market opportunities, alpha alerts, a Premium podcast feed, and a community of experts to level-up with…for the price of a Netflix subscription.

You still need more reasons? Here’s five.

  1. Subscribe for the Premium Feed…
  1. Subscribe for the ROI…
  1. Subscribe for the life-changing knowledge…
  1. Subscribe to take the action into your-own-hands…
  1. Subscribe because billionaires recommend it…

$12 a month.

Hilariously undervalued—like ETH at $120.

Tomorrow the Bankless Program increases from $12 to $22 per month. Lock in pricing now!

Oh last thing. You can pay in crypto here.

Can’t wait to see you on the other side. Make sure to introduce yourself in the Bankless Discord when you join.


P.S. Considering how hot the NFT market is…I’d probably do it for the NFT alone.

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