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5 Plays to Double Down on ETH
Published on Jan 16, 2024
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Crypto Candidate Drops
  1. 🏛️ Ramaswamy drops out. The GOP's most vocal crypto presidential candidate is suspending his campaign after former president Trump dominated the Iowa caucuses Monday.
  2. 🥷 Bungee seemingly exploited for millions. DeFi users raced to revoke wallet access after bridging aggregator Bungee was exploited with as much as $3.3 million potentially stolen.
  3. 📲 Solana is making another smartphone. After a largely BONK airdrop-fueled sellout, Solana is aiming to reframe the narrative of their Saga phone and has announced pre-orders of a new-and-improved successor.
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Staking Sizzles

📊 Stake, stake, stake. Restaking promises to be a transformative crypto economic primitive, and hunting EigenLayer’s airdrop is the best way to capitalize on the opportunity! How can you maximize your eligibility for EigenLayer’s airdrop while exposing yourself to 2 more airdrops?

Prices as of 6pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.71T ↗ 1.8% ↗ 0.6%
BTC $43,237 ↗ 1.6% ↘ 6.2%
ETH $2,598 ↗ 3.3% ↗ 11.6%
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5 Plays to Double Down on ETH
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

Spot BTC ETFs arrived last week, and with them came... investor excitement for Ethereum?

Today, we present to you our top 5 Ethereum-aligned investments – opportunities that will not only support the Ethereum network in achieving its various missions but also present investors with an opportunity to amplify upside!

Check out the full list 👇👇👇


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Latest Hunt: Berachain

It's Airdrop Season! Berachain’s Public Testnet "Artio" went live last week. We've added seven quests for the innovative EVM-equivalent Cosmos L1 to its page on Airdrop Hunter. Check them all out! 👇

Unlock Berachain on Airdrop Hunter
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Earn Airdrops!

Many Bankless Citizens who completed the Jito quests in our Airdrop Hunter app just earned five-figure airdrop paydays!

It's airdrop season, and plenty of other protocols are preparing to reward early users. Get on their lists. Start hunting!

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