Solana Breakpoint Breakdown
Published on Nov 10, 2023
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Poloniex Hacked
  1. 🥷 Poloniex hacked for $$$. A hot wallet for Justin Sun's Poloniex exchange was hacked for $126M, Sun confirmed. They will be covering the losses.
  2. 🎮 ETH gaming tokens rebound. After a rough 2023, Ethereum-based gaming tokens are crushing it, led by IMX up 29% today.
  3. 💰 Celsius to exit bankruptcy. The embattled crypto lender received approval for a restructuring plan as its ex-CEO awaits a fraud trial.
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Arbitrum's Moment

📈 Arbitrum Making Moves. Arbitrum’s short-term incentive program (STIP) distributed $58M worth of ARB across 29 protocols. Early results are promising: $ARB is up big, its TVL reclaimed $2B, & daily active users are up 37%!

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.41T ↗ 2.4% ↗ 10.1%
BTC $37,248 ↗ 1.8% ↗ 7.5%
ETH $2,088 ↗ 2.5% ↗ 14.0%

Notable movers

ARB 7d

↗ 10.2%

GMX 7d

↗ 12.3%

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What I Learned at Solana Breakpoint
Bankless Author: David Hoffman

We've been talking a lot about the Ethereum and Solana communities and what their respective values are.

Nuance tends to get lost on Crypto Twitter, so to get the full picture of what the Solana Community looks like in 2023, our very own David Hoffman went to Solana's Breakpoint conference to get the vibes straight from the source.

Let's dig in with the latest free long read from David 👇


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The Bull Market is On

David and Ryan are declaring this bear market officially over!!!

What's making them feel so sure? They dig into the latest market action to showcase why things are looking up-only from here.

Watch the full episode for all the details 👇

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