Happy Holidays!

Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Bankless Squad.
Lucas Campbell Lucas Campbell Dec 25, 20211 min read
Happy Holidays!

Dear Bankless Nation,

As this year draws to a close, we, as a society, like to take time to reflect. It’s a natural, human, tendency to take a mental inventory of our accomplishments, failures, and lessons as we heartily set our sights for 2022.

And frankly, 2021 has been a big year for the Bankless Nation and Web 3 as an industry:

It seems as though every week was packed with new releases, technological developments, political discourse, new learnings, and more. It’s been equally exhilarating as it has been exhausting!

They say that Crypto Never Sleeps. But as we take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come in a short amount of time, it’s important that you take time to rest. The holidays are about family, friends, health, and merriment.

2021 was a big year and 2022 will be even bigger. So take this respite to recharge your batteries before revving your engines on January 1st.

We’re taking some time off ourselves. The newsletter is off next week, but the podcast will be firing!

Here’s what we have lined up next:

  • Ryan and David muse on the legacy of Bankless
  • We’re dropping our Bankless 2022 Predictions
  • Dissecting the $GMI Index for all the degens

Happy holidays. We’ll see you in the new year,

- Lucas


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