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Ethereum's Epic Gains
Published on May 21, 2024
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Call Your Congressperson
  1. ☎️ Tell Your Representative to Support FIT21! Help turn the tide in Washington toward crypto-friendly legislation.
    Learn more on
  2. 👋 Farcaster Raises $150M Series A from Paradigm. The decentralized social network is now valued at $1 billion.
  3. 👻 Solana Wallet Phantom Acquires Bitski. a16z-backed wallet startup Phantom buys a16z-backed wallet startup Bitski.
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Ethereum's Time
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

📊 Buzzer Beater? The denial of spot ETH ETFs was certain to occur at the outset of the week, but from the depths of multi-year lows on the ETH/BTC ratio echoed a “we’re so back” that has radically shifted the prevailing perception. Why are markets now anticipating approval, and have we already priced in the immediate upside?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.58T ↗ 1.8% ↗ 14.7%
BTC $69,601 ↗ 0.5% ↗ 13.2%
ETH $3,744 ↗ 5.9% ↗ 29.6%
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Phase II: Mint Our History
Bankless Author: Ryan Sean Adams

Last year, Bankless entered the podcast collectibles space with a bang. Our Phase I collection was a novel journey into onchain media and gave our fans the opportunity to collect some of the most exciting moments in Bankless history.

While Phase I was a big success – with over 500 unique collectors and 2500+ mints – rising gas prices and community feedback on the weekly mints led us to take a step back and re-examine our onchain strategy.

All the while, the Bankless Podcast has continued to drop hot episodes that are begging to land onchain. We’ve experimented with minting some of our favorite episodes, but we haven’t gone all the way. We want to mint them all.

Read the full announcement 👇


Kraken is one of the largest and most secure crypto platforms in the world. They've been in the crypto game for over a decade, and now they're inviting us all on a journey to see what crypto can be.

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David and Ryan's Top 10 Episodes
Bankless Author: Ryan Sean Adams

Bankless is doubling down on onchain media, and we're rewarding our earliest supporters airdropped NFTs of Ryan and David's favorite Bankless episodes.

RSA digs into why these are his 10 favorite episodes 👇

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Big Week in DC

This is a huge week for crypto in DC, and we have Congressman Patrick McHenry on to tell us all about it.

Three big things to watch:

  1. SAB 121 repeal bill going to Biden’s desk
  2. SEC approves/denies Ethereum ETF
  3. House votes on FIT21 bill

Get the full lowdown 👇

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