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Liquid restaking on EigenLayer

About is a liquid restaking protocol built on EigenLayer. All ETH staked through is natively restaked to EigenLayer, meaning users begin earning points from EigenLayer points almost immediately after they deposit, a major advantage in comparison to protocols that can only restake LSTs to EigenLayer. Users can interact with in multiple ways, including by holding its liquid staking token (eETH/weETH) or running an node with as little as no ETH down.

The team recently launched “Liquid,” an automated DeFi strategy vault that allows the protocol’s LRT holders to easily earn diversified yield with immediate liquidity from one place, and intends to expand their offerings with “Cash,” a payments L2 that will enable users to spend and borrow against their balances in the real world via credit card that is slated to launch sometime within the next 12 months.

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