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Don't miss your Bankless NFT!

If you upgrade to Premium now you’ll get your Bankless badge in the March 1 minting
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Feb 13, 20222 min read
Don't miss your Bankless NFT!

Last week we distributed the first Bankless Badge NFTs for 2022.

Since you’re not a Premium Member you missed it…

But there’s still time! If you upgrade to Premium now you’ll get your badge in the March 1 minting.

I want you to have one of these beauties in your crypto wallet.

Go Premium now to get your NFT Badge on March 1st. Only $22 / mo. Insane ROI.

Bankless Badges are how we provide Bankless Premium Members with on-chain benefits. Last year our 2021 Badge holders:

Each Badge NFT is distributed on the xDAI sidechain so no gas fees to claim.

What magical badge benefits do we have in store of this year???

If you don’t upgrade you’ll miss it all.

The badge is reason enough to upgrade but there’s even more included.

What else is included in Premium?

Everything you need for your bankless journey.

  1. A full Market Opportunity report every Monday
  2. The Inner Circle Discord Chat where we level up as a group
  3. The Podcast Debrief and Premium Feed where David and I drop raw insights
  4. Our Alpha Leak opportunity alert emails 🚨
  5. 30% discount to the Permissionless Conference ($300 value)
  6. Monthly Members only Q&A with David and myself
  7. Our Ultimate Guide to Airdrops and our all our Guides to DeFi Yield

Go Premium today. Includes the Airdrop Guide! $22 / mo. Insane ROI. (pay w/ crypto)

Read why this Premium Member says Bankless is the Best Investment he’s ever made in crypto…

Don’t wait to do this.

At $22 per month Bankless Premium is the best investment in crypto.

Can’t wait to see you on the other side. Make sure to introduce yourself in the Bankless Discord when you join.


The Bankless badge is the most valuable NFT I own if I’m keeping it 💯

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