Degen Chain Stops Producing Blocks

The L3 Base network hasn't produced a block in nearly 20 hours.
David C David C May 13, 20241 min read
Degen Chain Stops Producing Blocks

Degen Chain, an L3 network on Base developed by Syndicate for the DEGEN memecoin, has stopped producing blocks for over 19 hours as of 4:15 p.m. ET yesterday. 

What's the scoop?

  • Unexpected Downtime: Yesterday afternoon, the L3 stopped validating new transactions, affecting all of its services.
  • Inoperative Services: Top platforms on the chain, like Relay Bridge, DegenSwap, Mint Club, and Frogswap cannot process transactions.
  • Working on a Fix: The Degen Chain team is working with Conduit, the rollup infrastructure platform powering Degen chain, to restore functionality.
  • Despite the halt in block production on Degen Chain, DEGEN the token continues to work on Base, though it's down ~8% over the past 24 hours. DEGEN is also used for gas on the L3.

Bankless Take:

Degen Chain's struggle with downtime demonstrates the newness of technologies like L3s and the costs of sacrificing decentralization for scalability. That said, a fresh L3 chain going down is not quite the same headline as a chain like Solana facing similar problems. It may just be a sign of growing pains, especially given the chain’s popularity — having recently beat out chains like Base and Arbitrum by processing more transactions on certain days. For a chain less than two months old, that’s pretty impressive.

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