Coinbase Announces Base🔵, an Ethereum L2 Powered by Optimism

Jesse Pollak, Senior Director of Engineering at Coinbase, joins us to unpack some of the hottest news in crypto since The Merge!
Feb 23, 202301:07:57

Inside the episode

Coinbase announces the launch of “Base,” their own L2 built on the OP Stack. Tune in to hear everything you need to know about Base!


0:00 Intro

7:53 Coinbase’s New Chain?

8:45 What is Base?

9:36 How is Base Different?

11:16 How Open is Base?

13:05 Why Now?

17:00 ETH L2 Philosophy

20:00 2nd Mover Advantage & Success Metric

22:26 Total Coinbase Users

25:15 How Base Will be Used By Coinbase Users

29:35 $COIN

31:13 Could Base Canoblize Coinbase?

32:35 Regulation

35:30 Base Token?!

40:26 Validator Set

39:10 Sequencer Power

40:53 Timeline

42:55 Basechain Vision

48:55 Why OP Stack?

52:57 Jesse as a Badge Member  

54:47 Gas-Free Percentage

56:22 Superchain Vision

58:46 KGZ Ceremony

1:00:41 What Does Successful Base Look Like?

1:06:13 Closing & Disclaimers


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