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Update to Claimables

Claimables just got faster, easier, and lot more flexible. Share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas for improvement in the comments below.
May 9, 20243 min read

What you can now do...

Access all eligible Claimables for free

All Claimables in Bankless are now fully revealed for free for any user and for any wallet! In the past, non paying members needed to upgrade to a paid Citizenship to unlock and reveal any claimable item with a dollar value. We believe these are your assets and shouldn’t be pay-gated, so we’ve forever eliminated the pay-to-reveal model of locked “Premium Claimables.” Go check and claim your assets!

...especially multiple wallet holders

  • Improved loading speed for all your Claimables, especially navigating across multiple wallets
  • Improved loading speed when filtering down through individual wallets
  • Introduced an “All wallets” selection to summarize all your saved wallets.
  • Added a focused view for viewing a single wallet saved or searched wallet at a time.
  • Wallet nicknames now consistently show across the product experience for any wallet you’ve named.
  • You can easily hide any wallet from displaying in Claimables to customize your view or exclude watched wallets.
  • Added wallet image support for Cosmos and Solana wallets, no more broken images for your saved and searched wallets.

Start seeing new types of Claimables arise: REWARDS

As we continue to ramp up new Claimables for you, Rewards will include everything from protocol rewards and gas fee reimbursements to all other earnings we find for you onchain. Each week we'll be vetting and adding more.

Search any wallet straight from your account

Before this release there was no easy way to search a new wallet before saving it to your account. You can now search any wallet or ENS for Claimables, before easily adding to your account and start getting alerts for new and expiring assets.

Better understand Claimables before taking action

  • We improved all project/token names, images, categories, and descriptions for all past, present and future Claimables.
  • Added a detailed view for all Claimables to better understand and manage the opportunity before proceeding to claim.
  • Simple ability to hide or report a questionable Claimable
  • Added exact expiration date and time in the detailed view

Never miss your expiring Claimables!

Lastly we updated the look of Claimables that are "Expiring Soon." We've promoted these as short cuts to your expiring Claimables so you never miss another one to an expiration. You'll find them right at the top of your eligible Claimables for all that expire soon. These appear as smaller summaries to clearly distinguish them from the categorized cards below.

Share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas for improvement in the comments below🗪.

And of course... go check your wallets and set up alerts to never miss a claimable again!

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