Coinbase’s Binance Bump
Published on Nov 28, 2023
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gm Bankless Nation,
Coinbase stock is still on a tear after CZ's bad week.

Today's issue ⬇️

  1. ☀️ Need to Know: SEC Wants CZ
    Regulators aren't done with CZ.
  2. 📊 Today in Markets: COIN > SOL
    Will COIN's growth rival Solana's?
  3. 🗞️ Guest Post: 10 EigenLayer Ideas
    What startups can be built on EigenLayer?
  4. 🎧 Latest Pod: What is THORChain?
    Is RUNE undervalued?
  5. ⛏️ Take Action: What We're Doing
    Crypto market opps that we're watching closely. Citizens only 😎

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SEC Wants CZ
  1. ⚡️ CZ’s legal troubles not over. The SEC believes he committed FTX-style fraud and wants to prove it in court.
  2. 🧨 Blast TVL surpasses Solana’s. In just a week the much-critiqued project has gathered $600M in TVL, surpassing Solana’s current TVL.
  3. 💰 COIN investors sell. Some high-profile Coinbase investors are taking advantage of 19-month highs to hit the sell button including ARK Invest and co-founder Fred Ehrsam.
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Will COIN Outpace SOL?

📊 COIN keeps crushing it. Coinbase's stock is up handily—green for the fourth consecutive day after news that US regulators settled with Binance on Tuesday to resolve compliance violations. The stock is up nearly 75% this month, a growth rate that nearly rivals Solana's token surge.

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.43T ↗ 1.9% ↗ 4.4%
BTC $37,976 ↗ 2.5% ↗ 3.8%
ETH $2,056 ↗ 2.0% ↗ 5.1%

Notable Movers

COIN 30d

↗ 74.3%

SOL 30d

↗ 83.2%

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10 Big Ideas to Build on EigenLayer
Author: eigenintern

The Ethereum developer community is pumped about EigenLayer. In today's guest post, an EigenLayer community member shares what they want to see get built on the platform.

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Is THORChain Undervalued?

Is THORChain helping build the Bankless future? Chad Barraford, a core developer at THORChain, and Erik Voorhees discuss the topic with David.

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