Bitboy | Two Different Worlds

What's up with Ryan's glasses? Is Bitboy changing his approach?
Nov 2, 202201:10:01

Inside the episode

Bitboy -- aka Ben Armstrong -- is the notorious crypto influencer with one of the largest audiences in the space. After some jabs back and forth on twitter, we're bringing him on Bankless to clear the air.


0:00 Intro

6:00 Bitboy's Glasses

8:00 The Rant

14:50 RSA's Perspective

19:30 Bitboy's Bill

24:20 Ethical Platforms

28:05 Beef with SBF

34:24 Changing in Crypto

41:00 Two Different Worlds

44:55 Shortcuts

50:45 Disclosures

52:20 Heavy is the Head

59:41 Man of the People

1:03:03 Best Practices

1:05:50 Closing Thoughts

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