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Everything you need to know about Bankless Fund.
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Fund Mandate:

The Bankless Fund (BF) is an investment club owned and managed by members of the Bankless team.

The BF invests exclusively in liquid tokens and NFTs while employing a long-only strategy. The BF is primarily focused on identifying asymmetric opportunities in Ethereum infrastructure, DeFi, and emerging L1 and L2 ecosystems.

The BF has a 6-24 month investment horizon and aims to outperform staked ETH.

All BF investments and supporting theses are made visible to Bankless Citizens through the Bankless Token Bible. Our positions provide us with "skin in the game," representing what we believe are our highest conviction, highest upside "overweights" in the Bankless Token Ratings.


When did this start?

The BF was created on July 27, 2022.  

Does the BF disclose its positions?

We are transparent and disclose all of our wallet addresses and positions.

To view a comprehensive breakdown of our portfolio composition, click here.

To view our wallet addresses, click here.

NOTE: This wallet tracker does not display our CANTO position, which you can view by clicking here. This position currently accounts for 9.5% of fund AUM.

NOTE: This portfolio tracker does not display our Smol Brains NFT collection, which you can view by clicking here. This position currently accounts for 4.9% of fund AUM.

NOTE: We keep about 10.1% of assets in our fiat bank account.

Does the BF publish its investment theses?

We publish our thesis for each investment in the Bankless Token Bible.

To view these, click here.

Why doesn’t BF invest in all overweight covered in the Token Bible?

The BF is the instantiation of what we feel are our highest conviction, highest upside "overweight" bets. We feel that pursuing high-risk, high-reward opportunities is appropriate given the small size of the BF and the risk appetite of our members.  

Can I invest in the BF?

No, the BF is not open to outside investment.

Is the BF on social media?


You can follow our Twitter by clicking here.

BF members are also active in the Bankless Nation Discord server, where we hold weekly alpha calls for Bankless Citizens.

We also host monthly Twitter Spaces recapping all ratings changes and new investments for the month.

You can view the the schedule for these calls in Bankless Token Bible. To do so, click here.

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