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Berachain Airdrop Strategy

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Jack Inabinet Jack Inabinet Apr 7, 20231 min read

Last updated April 7th, 2023

Name: Berachain
Status: Unconfirmed 🚫
Confidence: High
Sector: L1
Chains: N/A

Why we're watching:
For a community whose primary meme is that the project is fake, the Beras sure seem active!

While the launch date for this L1 has been unknown for quite some time, the team recently shipped Polaris, a scratch-built alternative to Cosmos EVM layer solution Ethermint. Deployment is likely soon™️ and the Bong Bears NFTs are likely to play a role...

What is it?
Berachain is a Cosmos-based, EVM-compatible Proof of Liquidity Layer 1 blockchain optimized for deep DeFi. The chain will have a novel tri-token model, separating out gas (BERA) from governance (BGT) and a native stablecoin (HONEY).

Maximize your eligibility by:
Holding a Bong Bear NFT💰
Holding a Bong Bear rebase NFT 💵
Participating in early Berachain ecosystem projects

Maximize your Berachain dApp eligibility by:
Holding Honeycomb NFTs from the Honey Jar! TLDR: The Honey Jar is cartel of Berachain-OGs partnering with early stage projects, providing liquidity and cult as a service in exchange for preferential Honeycomb HODLer treatment.

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