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Bear Market War Stories with DCinvestor & Eric Conner

On this episode of Bankless, we welcome back DCinvestor and Eric Conner to share their multicycle bear market war stories. But that’s not all!
Jun 29, 202201:26:50

Inside the episode

DC and Eric also unpack why they keep on deciding to stay every cycle, what’s different about this cycle vs. previous cycles, the role leverage and macro conditions have played, and their hard-hitting, gigabrain advice for first-time cyclers and multicyclers alike.

Survive and advance, anon. We’re going to make it.


0:00 Intro

4:03 Being a Multicycle Vet

11:31 Market Phases

19:12 Credit to Staying

26:03 High Conviction High Loss

32:37 Regulator Fear

41:31 Lessons From This Cycle

49:00 Leverage

56:34 Macro Conditions

1:30:50 The Merge vs. Macro

1:09:00 Advice for Newcomers



Eric Conner

Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation

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