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Are You Afraid of the Pump? $

gm Bankless Nation, Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Bitcoin!
Bankless Bankless Oct 31, 20232 min read
Are You Afraid of the Pump? $
Are You Afraid of the Pump?
Published on Oct 31, 2023
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Happy Birthday Bitcoin
  1. 🎂 Bitcoin turns 15. Satoshi shipped the bitcoin whitepaper on this day in 2008. BTC is celebrating the day well over $34K. Keep your birthday wishes to yourself, Gary.
  2. 👾 Celestia debuts. Modular blockchain Celestia went wide today along with its TIA token. 53% is going to insiders. Cosmos DEX Osmosis slowed to a crawl after a surge in claiming activity.
  3. 🆕 New Vitalik just dropped. Vitalik published "Different types of layer 2s" on his blog today breaking down a weave of L2 tradeoffs.

Prices updated at 4:00 pm ET 24HR
Crypto Market Cap $1.28T ↗ 0.4%
Bitcoin $34,589 ↗ 0.7%
Ethereum $1,812 ↗ 0.7%

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The Bear Take on Bitcoin’s Pump
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

This crypto market action is feeling good, a little too good given the macro factors surrounding it...

Today, Jack digs into the challenging macro environment out there, pulling out which aspects of the latest crypto pump feel sustainable and which do not.

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