6 - Building New Civilizations with Jordan Hall

Teaching Someone How To Learn To Fish
Mar 24, 202201:14:43

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Jordan Hall was one of the first employees at mp3.com—since then, he has cofounded a handful of other thoughtful tech startups like DivX, the Civium Project, and Game B. He has certainly played the game as a serial entrepreneur, and he’s learned a lot along the way.

Jordan is a thinker and has a deeply philosophical, first-principles approach to existence. Tying together cosmology, ethics, aesthetics, and strategy, he presents salient views on achieving harmony and sovereignty on a civilizational scale.

We explore grounded insights about coordination, and Jordan lays the foundation for traversing the design space of Web3 with consciousness and intention. This is a heavy episode, so we’d recommend a handful of listens to let it fully digest!

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