132 - Polynya's Crypto Thesis

This conversation has been a long time coming. Polynya is a pseudonymous writer, investor, and crypto researcher
Aug 15, 202201:10:03

Inside the episode

Polynya coined the term “modular blockchain” and has been influential on 100 different crypto topics, most notably on rollups—though they’re quick to point out that rollups are no longer their main focus.

This is a unique episode, in which Bankless DAO’s Eureka John acts out Polynya’s voice based on a 5-hour text-based discord interview. Tune in as we explore Polynya’s fascinating mind, covering their broad crypto thesis, EIP-4844, and the future of Ethereum Scalability.


0:00 Intro

9:00 Polynya the Anon

13:45 Polynya IRL

20:05 Cautious Optimism

25:35 Polynya’s Crypto Thesis

29:58 Accruing Value at the L1

31:54 Bitcoin vs Ethereum

33:30 Alt-L1s and Decentralization

35:10 Everything is Finance

38:10 Layer 2 Value Capture

41:33 Rollups vs ETH

45:30 Increasing L2 Demand

47:40 Layer 2 Tokens

52:45 A Symbiotic Relationship

56:08 Cosmos and Alt-L1s

58:45 App-Specific Chains

1:00:30 All Just Chains and Bridges

1:02:14 Why Cardano Rocks and Sucks

1:04:23 Cults and Tribalism

1:05:20 Changing Crypto

1:06:54 Changing the World

1:07:35 Polynya’s Message

1:08:30 Thank You Polynya


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