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131 - Rise of the Network State | Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan is an investor, founder, and Former CTO of Coinbase and GP at a16z and author of The Network State, which will be the main focus of the podcast today.
Aug 8, 202200:00:00523,451 views

Inside the episode

The Network State explores ideas surrounding digital communities and the future of how we coordinate as a species. A startup society fosters the emergence of network unions, which evolve into a network archipelago—eventually calcifying into the network state.

As we muse about the fate of human systems, we explore mental models for understanding the digital revolution and how we can allow coordination to thrive.


0:00 Intro

6:19 Common Denominators

8:50 Micro vs. Macro History

15:15 The Network State

19:05 Online Communities

23:50 Nation vs. The State

36:20 Why A Nation State

40:18 The One Commandment

1:02:44 Being Inside the Network State

1:08:00 Bankless x the Network State

1:13:38 What’s the Incentive?

1:19:30 Violence’s Role

1:33:48 Non-Wealthy Critique

1:38:53 Everyone Joins the Network State

1:44:20 Network State Action Items

1:48:46 Closing & Disclaimers



The Network State


Vitalik’s Review

One Commandment

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